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Why I can't use EFR32 UART read, but I can use UART write? Did I miss something?

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1. My chip is EFR32MG1P232F256GM48

2. The stack I use is Ember Enet GA SoC(Why I don't use After I choose---- HAl configuration-------Virtual UART(port 0)【1】 I can't connect with other device by Zigbee. 【2】 I can't use the )Virtual UART (serial 0) to be my console for debuging. So I tried some other stacks and find

Ember Enet which can achieve what can't ,so I select


3.I select Z3light project


4.The only one place I changed in .isc file(show in the below picture)


5. After click generate and open the Z3LightSoc_callbacks.c file, I changed two place(blue to red ,show in the picture)




Its for initializing the UART





Its for testing the UART read and write by button on the chip.



6.After building the project, and upload application to the chip, I open my Serial Port Utility(for testing the UART read and write), then I press the button on the chip and use the Serial Port Utility to send "1111111" to the chip.





In the “友善串口调试助手” (Serial Port Utility),We can see that I successfully write date to the Serial Port Utility(55AA000102000103) by the UART,but I can't read from the Serial Port Utility by the UART on the chip(16 bytes of 00 shows that my readDate have not been written )

The red part shows that the Serial Port Utility really successfully  TX 48 Bytes to the UART on the chip,but in the RX 175 Bytes, there are 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00.


I wonder if you could tell me how to operate it. So I can use the UART normally.

Thank you vary much.

Best Wish.