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Update firmware fails on CEL USB stick



I bought a EFR32 Mighty Gecko Eval kit from When I try to do the update of the firmware using the Raspberry Pi, it fails to enter bootloader mode using the instructions from QSG-102.
cd /opt/siliconlabs/threadborderrouter/tools/ncp-updater
./bootload-ncp-util-app --uart /dev/ttyUSB0 --launchbootloader
thread-app reset
Init: 0x00

It looks like the usb stick is bad.(


The problem is I have created two support tickets. One was a month ago, the other one was two weeks agao. I have not seen any updates on these two tickets. Now I cannot use border router because of this. Does anyone know if I can update the bootloader on CEL USB stick without purchasing ISA3? Looks like ISA3 can only program EM358x devices not EFR32MG? If ISA3 can program all Silabs devices, I will buy one just to unblock this. I do not want to buy ISA3 just to update bootloader on CEL EM358x usb stick.