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Thread: getting Routing table info



Can you please share info on how to get routing table entries of a router node in thread?


we tried with EmberGetRipEntry(),  but not successful. please share sample code snippet.


Thank You,


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Re: Thread: getting Routing table info

Hello Satish,

emberGetRipEntry is described in ./stack/include/network-management.h. This can be used in combination with emberGetRipEntryReturn. Please note that this table does change without notice, sometimes frequently, and it gives only a partial view of the network. We do not recommend using it.

What is your use case?




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Re: Thread: getting Routing table info

dear kpszupin:

    I got the same issue,we want to get the Whole Network Connectivity Diagram and debug the lost node which also rejion network.

   and I call emberGetRipEntry api with index is 0xFF,but the border router is crash:


Reset info: 0x0A (FAULT)
node type: 0x02
extended pan id: >4F8EC75FB4E1EFC6


please tell us how to get the Whole Network Connectivity Diagram to check thread network connecting info?