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Simple repeater node

Hey, I just want to make an EM35x node which is used to extend the range between a gateway and an end device by re-casting received signals. What is the best / easiest way to do this?



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Re: Simple repeater node

Hi Erik,

You can use the HA_Range_Extender device type

Select HA_Range_Extender on the ZCL Cluster tab-> ZCL device type.
Additionally you need to need to add some way to start the joining process by calling emberAfStartSearchForJoinableNetwork from some scheduled event or from an external interrupt.

Add the callbacks on the Callback tab. You may use the Hal_Button_ISR for example.

The emberAfStartSearchForJoinableNetwork finds a joinable network.

It performs an active scan on the specified channels looking for networks that:

    currently permit joining,
    match the stack profile of the application,
    match the extended PAN id argument if it is not NULL.

Upon finding a matching network, the application is notified via the emberJoinableNetworkFoundHandler() callback, and scanning stops. If an error occurs during the scanning process, the application is informed via the emberScanErrorHandler(), and scanning stops.











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Re: Simple repeater node

Thanks for the comment. I think that I've gotten it working now. I just connected the repeater to the network formed by a server node, and then my end device seemed to be able to connect further away. Is that all I need to do?

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Re: Simple repeater node

Yep, this is all you need to do.  Routing happens automatically via the stack once you're joined.

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