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Serial firmware upgrade in EM3587 as NCP

Hi All,

I am a naive user in using SiLabs ZigBee chips.

I wanted to use EM3587 in my design as NCP. From documentation, I found that the EZSP protocol will be supplied on both sides (host and EM3587) to develop my own application on my processor.


However, I am not clear, how the firmware will be downloaded onto the EM3587 every time it boots. Find my following assumptions on this.



1) The firmware file should be available on the host processor and every time system boots, the host has to send the file to EM3687 using UART/SPI.


2) The firmware will be written into the EM3687 flash memory and every time it boots, the image will be loaded from Flash to RAM and EM3687  start functioning. No need to send the firmware file every time EM3687 boots.


Q1) Is these two options valid for EM3687 ? if so, the respective reference applications on EM3687  are available on app builder? 

Q2) If case (2) is valid how can I upgrade the firmware in EM3687 ?


Thanks in advance,





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Re: Serial firmware upgrade in EM3587 as NCP


When you use the NCP mode, the image provided by Silicon Labs runs on the EM3587 chip and you need to develop you application in host side. When you want to upgrade the image you can use the serial port or the OTA to upgrade the firmware. The firmware will be downloaded to the chip via UART/Serial and write to the flash as the NCP will included the bootloader. After the upgrade is finished, the NCP can work normally as it does usually. The host do not need to send the image to NCP every time after it powers on.

In the project generated by App Builder, it includes the code to upgrade the NCP after you input your setting on the tool.


Shaoxian Luo