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SLWSTK6000A: Error in writing:Connection refused: connect


I am using SLWSTK6000A dev kit for EFR32MG1P evaluation.


After uploading sample application or any simple application built by me, I am not getting 'ember' console on simplicity studio 4.


I am connecting board using USB cable only.


When I debug through IAR IDE, I can see code is running.


What can I do to see Serial0/0 or Admin console.


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Re: SLWSTK6000A: Error in writing:Connection refused: connect

Hi prashnirmal,


I'm not sure which application you are building, but a lot the settings are controlled via configuration.

So there are two things:

Firsti - Serial 0/Serial 1 settings are made in the HAL Configuration tab of the application you are building.  If you look at the IO configuration section, you will see the setup for Port 0 and 1 there.   Along with that, you see the selector of what you choose as the CLI for you application.  Whichever one you have setup as your CLI will be what you connect to.

Second - connecting to the WSTK.  To get the Admin port, you need to physically connect to the Ethernet port and then use that interface in the Device list as the connection point for the device in Studio.  See the attached images.


Note the Device IP and SN.



Connect to the IP address of the WSTK not the SN (which is the USB interface).