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RD-0085 Connected Lighting Kits /FIRMWARE / OTA / Etc.

Going over your website, reading data, etc. there are several holes w.r.t. what firmware is available, does, etc. for the RD-0085 connected lighting reference based on the Mighty Gecko:


A) Starting with UG252:


7.   7.1 Obtaining the Firmware Application
The firmware application in pre-compiled binary form is available for download from REAL LINK HERE.
That part in bold is what is in the actual document. A) Please provide the broken link.
B) Links to more information on the connected lighting reference design page:
Connected Lighting Software Files (EFR32MG) RD-0085-0401

Sample application code available through Simplicity Studio Sample App

Read More
The read more is a link which should link to sample code, etc. ... nope, it gives you a zip for for the PCB Files.       B) Please provide the proper link.
SO: Here is what I want to do on the RD-0085 reference design . I want to either update the firmware with already compiled firmware via OTA and/or config the firmware (from the UI with the gateway??? )  from it's present state as an RGB bulb to a Color Temp bulb (two whites), and/or just a Dimming bulb (using one of the whites or both) ...... but given the links to the firmware / examples are not there, I cannot delve far enough to figure this out myself.
Appreciate any direction in this matter.