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Procedure for zigbee Router rejoin



I am Vinay, from Samsung. Currently I am trying to understand the rejoin behavior of router devices.

I currently have a coordinator and a router device in my zigbee network. For the router to rejoin, I switched off the router and I changed the channel of the existing router and waited for the router to rejoin for > 30 minutes. The router did not rejoin. I am not sure if this is the right behavior to see the rejoin requests from the router.


I read in this documentation that

the rejoin behavior  if

due to a weak/missing connection between
parent and child, changed PAN ID, changed network key, or changed channel


Kindly enlighten me about reproducing the rejoin behavior for router zigbee devices. 

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Re: Procedure for zigbee Router rejoin

Hi Vinay,


Could you detail the method of how you change the channel of the current network, and how you perform the rejoin (APIs or CLI used, etc.)?




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Re: Procedure for zigbee Router rejoin

Hi Yuping,


Thanks for the reply.

I can Telnet to the coordinator. Since I have information of the present channel, I can send a command to the coordinator to change the channel to a new one.


Here are the details steps from scratch:


1) Join the Router to the coordinator.

2) Power of the Router.

3) Power off the coordinator for 20 minutes.

4) Power on the coordinator.

5) Change the channel of the coordinator once it is on line .( By telnet command )

6) Start sniffing in the new channel .

7) Power on the router device .


Expected result :

Router device tries to search for the coordinator with the same PAN in a new channel.


Actual result :

Router device does not rejoin and stays in the old channel.


There is no control over routers as they are devices from Market. We cant do anything here.

So we wanted to understand how to rejoin the router to coordinator.


If these steps wont help, we need your help in providing guidance for bringing rejoin of routers.




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Re: Procedure for zigbee Router rejoin

Dear Admin,


Can anybody help us here ? This is an important step for Samsung to understand the behavior of zigbee devices.