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Problems on EFR32MG12


since the trial license usage of my IAR ARM compiler exhausted, I would now like to switch to the GNU ARM toolchain.
When I want to start a new project using the Silicon Labs AppBuilder Project, I can not select the GNU ARM toolchain during the "Project setup" step.
If I click on the Hyperlink "Manage Toolchains" I get a list of the following three toolchains:
- GNU ARM v4.8.3
- GNU ARM v4.9.3

Now, if I deselect the IAR ARM toolchain and go back to the "Project setup" menu, there is no toolchain left. This is indicated by "(No toolchain) (v0.0.0) / None Toolchain Configuration (active).
What can I do to use the GNU ARM Compiler? Is it even possible to use it, regarding the descriptions above?

Thank you for all answers in advance!

Best regards,
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Re: Problems on EFR32MG12

If you use emberZNet, you can only use IAR Compiler.
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