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Prevent unwanted Zigbee devices from joining network

I have a Mighty Gecko running as an NCP with a Linux host application.  Is there a simple way to prevent unwanted devices from joining my network?  


My original thought was to use one of the Trust Center callbacks to implement a whitelist of allowed UIDs, and refuse to let anything else join the network.  On the gateway side, it would be easy to update the whitelist.  


But it looks like the only trust center callback that can actually change a decision about letting devices join the network is emberAfPluginEzspSecurityTrustCenterJoinCallback(), which is only implemented on the NCP side of things.  So I'd need to create a custom NCP build, in addition to somehow customizing the communication over UART to update the whitelist.


I can't help but think there is a better way.  Is there some other obvious solution that I am missing?



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Re: Prevent unwanted Zigbee devices from joining network

You can send leave request to ask the unwanted node to leave in your application code when an unwanted node joins.

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