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Network init always returns 0x70: REQUEST_DENIED

I am working with the Gecko SDK version 5.9.2 and an EFR32, porting an application from 5.7.4 to this new SDK. I see that there is an even newer version of the SDK available, but I would like to stay with 5.9.2 for consistency as this is version close to what another developer on my team is working with. When I attempt to bring up the network/radio with emberNetworkInit(), this always returns 0x70 (REQUEST_DENIED).


Later in my application when I check the current network state with emberAfNetworkState(), the SDK always returns EMBER_LEAVING_NETWORK.


Previously, this application was working on the 5.7.4 SDK. I have created a new project using the new stack, with only minor modifications to the board header, since some of what was there before (radio PTA settings) is now embedded in the SDK - that has now been removed. I have also included the NO_DCDC macro which I believe is used as a switch in the radio initialization. We are not using the DCDC supply.


Any ideas as to the best way to debug this? Also of note: I did try waiting longer (a few seconds more) after calling emberNetworkInit() just in case, but that was not the solution.

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Re: Network init always returns 0x70: REQUEST_DENIED

Hi RPisces,


I believe you filed this question prior to a Portal case where we have been discussing this issue.


Since we've moved beyond the initial question, which is related to your proprietary product migration, I'll continue to support you directly there and close this Community case.