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Insight USB Link

Feb 9, 2016  



I'm working with David Chalmers at telegesis support - Due to the acquisition He has directed me here. I'm an old timer software engineer recently hired a by a client that spent millions manufacturing a particular widget with the older telegesis zigbee ETRX2 modules.  I have a number of red boxes called Ember insight Port adapter with a ZIF connector - David w/telegesis suggested these red boxes with Ethernet and SIF connector  are no longer supported and to purchase


so I just purchased a Ember USB Link from Arrow Electronics / distributing.  After installation I'm getting a  windows error device manager says ...."The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)" Attaches is a screen shot ... I'm running Windows 7 pro 64 bit on a Dell OptiPlex workstation with a XEON quad core CPU - The release notes dated 2008 say this is a preliminary beta version ...


Do you have a newer version or solution ?


Is this just that it wont work from 64 bit windows but will work from 32 bit ?


Is there a newer installation utility ?


Do I need to install new atmel firmware into this USB link device ?


Can I just use the red boxes we already have ?


Were can I get software ?



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Re: Insight USB Link

Hi Dan,


Because it's specific to your particular situation, I'm answering this question directly in the Portal now and I'll close this message thread.