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How to configure attributes to be reportable in Simplicity Studio

I have turned on the Reporting Plugin with a table size of 20.

I have turned on the Thermostat Cluster's Server Init Callback.  Inside the callback, I have

called the function emberAfPluginReportingConfigureReportAttribute() for all the attributes

I wish to be reportable including Manufacturer Custom attributes (added to the ha.xml file

along with the Manufacturer code for those attributes). I made sure that

EMBER_ZCL_STATUS_SUCCESS was returned for each call of the above function.  I

used a minimum of 2 seconds and a maximum of 3600 seconds (1 hour) and set the

direction to EMBER_ZCL_REPORTING_DIRECTION_REPORTED. I have even added

a call to the function zclGlobalSendMeAReportCommand() to the

emberAfPluginNetworkFindFinishedCallback() function when EMBER_SUCCESS is

passed into it.  I still don't get any Report Attribute Messages being sent when joining a

network.  I am replacing an existing thermostat from a different manufacturer that upon

joining a network sends out these messages. Because my thermostat is not sending out

these messages, the network device I am joining to doesn't accept the join (although it

doesn't tell my thermostat this ... my thermostat thinks it joined successfully but the

device it joined with doesn't).

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Re: How to configure attributes to be reportable in Simplicity Studio

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