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HaSampleLight demo



I am new to silabs ember platform.  I have installed ember desktop and EmberZNet 5.4.0. I created a new application framework using the Silabs\em35x\app\framework\scenarios\zha\HaSampleLight (switch and gateway) example.I compiled the created project with IAR workbench. I downloaded the example to three different EM357 installed BO boards. But as per the readme.txt , when I press button 0, I see nothing happens. No audible/visible feedback and written in readme. I am also not able to see any action in capture windows. Could someone please suggest whats wrong here ?

Attached is the snapshot of the project that I created using new application framework.



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Re: HaSampleLight demo


I tried the example in v5.4.0 stack and they work very well.

This demo includes 3 device, HA Gateway, HA Light and HA Switch.

Please check the following tips to see if they can help you.

1) The example uses the application bootloader, so you need to download the image with the application bootloader in folder "[install dir]\em35x\tool\bootloader-em357\";

2) In the examples, both the "Heartbeat" and "Command line interface" are disabled, so you could not see the heartbeat and the CLIs could not be used.

3) If you could see nothing on the capture windown, you can enable the capture in more device. For example, if you already enable the capture in the gateway, you can also enable the capture in the light.

4) According to the readme.txt, press the button to form/join the network, and setup the  Ez-Mode Commissioning mode.


Hope all these words can help you!!

Shaoxian Luo