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Getting started with zigbee frame protocol



we want to develop a frame protocol between host(cortexm3 controller) and NCP(em357), as we are new this protocol got below doubts. Looking forward for your help

1. is Ember desktop is used to dump the configuration file, generated by ember app builder in EM357?

2. can we use the ember app builder generated files at host (cortex m3) side also? 

3. should we define a stack at  host side ,if we don't use app builder generated files ?


could you please help us to proceed further in our development.


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Re: Getting started with zigbee frame protocol


1, Ember Desktop is a tool which can be used to start your application by using Silabs's Ember Application Framework.  And it can generate the project for your developmnet. You can refer to the documents on the following page "".

2, Yes, but I think you need to change the code according to your application.

3, I am not sure if I understand your question. If you do not use the generated files, you can also start your development, But I think it will be more difficult than the situation that you using them.

Shaoxian Luo