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FreeRTOS port for EM3588



Are there any known FreeRTOS ports for EM3588?



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Re: FreeRTOS port for EM3588

This can't really be done (at least in a way that integrates with the EmberZNet or Silicon Labs Thread stack) without access to underlying HAL library source code maintained by Silicon Labs because the stack relies on things like NVIC control and some system level ISRs for stuff like the radio, the flash controller, and the system tick that are managed in the HAL library.


It's certainly possible for Silicon Labs to do this in a way that integrates the stacks into FreeRTOS, but I don't think that's on the roadmap right now.  Any RTOS development is most likely going to be around the Micrium µCOS-II or µCOS-III RTOS kernel now that Silicon Labs has acquired Micrium.

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