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ETRX357- reading ADC4 and ADC5

Hi all,


I am new to using the ETRX357 and now trying to get used to the development kit.

Been trying to get familiar with setting and reading the registers using the AT commands.


The firmware on the module is R3.08.


Please advise if my setup procedure is correct or incorrect for setting up all 6 ADCs ports as input and reading the ADCs value.


1. Set register S15 with ATS15=0010E630 , the E and 3 should set the ports to alternate or ADC functions, correct?

2. Set register S16 with ATS16=00000000 , if ignoring all other ports function, just want to set the ADC ports as inputs. Also I read S17 is hidden and holds the default value for S16, can I force write to S17 so it holds the values when/after it resets?

3. Reading the ADC values, I can read registers S1F to S22 using the ATS1F? to ATS22? , however I am unable to find literature on how-to/where-to read ports ADC4 and ADC5, can anyone help with this?


Appreciate any help with the above queries.





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Re: ETRX357- reading ADC4 and ADC5

Dear CS HH,

Thank you for contacting Silicon Labs Technical Support. This reply is in regards to the case 00145787.

The firmware R0308 or latest R0309 only supports four ADCs - ADC0 to ADC3. This means ADC4 and ADC5 are not supported.

Best Regards