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EMBER_NOT_JOINED response to networkInit

Is there any way of finding out why a coordinator would not rejoin the network, and returns EMBER_NOT_JOINED to a networkInit EZSP call?  Most of the time it will work fine and 

EMBER_NETWORK_UP is returned, but occasionally it will be EMBER_NOT_JOINED.


I can't find anything common that would tie failures to something external - eg it doesn't seem to matter if the hardware is physically reset or not (I perform a software RESET anyway). The configuration that's sent prior to the networkInit call always works, and there's no ASH level packet errors, so I'm assuming that there's no problems at that level. In fact all EZSP calls are responding fine both before and after the network init.


I could imagine timing could be an issue given it's apparently random, but I've tried adding in delays and that doesn't help. It would be useful if there was an error return, but I can't find anything.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.