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EM35x breakout board

Does the EM35x breakout board comes with Insight Desktop CD on purchase?

Do I require IAR workbench software to write coding for EM35x modules or EM35x chip?

Can I develop EM35x module or EM35x Chip using simplicity software?

How to download zigbee Stacks online?




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Re: EM35x breakout board

Dear Sundar A,

Thank you for contacting Silicon Labs Technical Support. This reply is in regards to the case 00138881.

You can download and install Simplicity Studio from below link which also includes network analyzer etc:

Yes you will need IAR for Zigbee software development. The simplicity studio now also includes GCC toolchain which you can use with other stacks software development.

Once you download and install simplicity studio then login and register your dev kit. The simplicity studio will allow you Zigbee stacks available for your dev kit.

Once login to simplicity studio select green down arrow on top left side to download available packages/updates for your connected dev, kit.

We have a good collection of documents and training videos under 'Community & Support' tab on our website. I suggest you have a look on this very useful stuff.

Best Regards