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EM3587: low-level api (enable/disable radio, transmit/receive buffer, etc)

Hi, which SDK should I use in order to control that radio chip (EM3587) from my own firmware? And where to download it?

I just simply want to enable radio and transmit something..

I need something like nrf_drv_radio802154_receive(), nrf_drv_radio802154_transmit() from NordicSemiconductor.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: EM3587: low-level api (enable/disable radio, transmit/receive buffer, etc)

Hello Iunusov,

I guess you can use the raw message API in EmberZNet. To create proprietary messages use emberSendRawMessage, and emberRawTransmitCompleteHandler. When sending a raw message, you will get the emberRawTransmitCompleteHandler when the MAC ACK is received. On the receiving end, emberMacPassthroughMessageHandler is called when it receives the MAC message.


You can register your dev kit through Simplicity Studio to gain access to the software stack.