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EM250 EOL?

I just designed the Sena Probee-ZE10 into a new product.  The radio is based on the EM250 chip. I just noticed that in Silabs' product page for the EM250 it says it is not recommended for new designs. Is it EOL?  Is there a date that it will be discontinued?





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Re: EM250 EOL?

We have been discouraging customers from using EM250 in new designs for a while now, but we're continuing to ship EM250 and so far there is no definitive date for its EOL.


For new ZigBee application designs, customers should consider EM35x and EM35xx to make best use of the latest technology and support.


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Re: EM250 EOL?



This is Dan a C?C++ programmer in Missouri

I'm also working with the EM250 zigbee manufactured onto a bunch of widgets we have in inventory.

I'm looking for somebody else that is working with this EM250 to network with.


What are you doing with your zigbee stuff ?


Do you use the AT command set firmware or custom? 

Doing anything in C / C++ ?



St. Louis, Missouri



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Re: EM250 EOL?

Hi Dan-

As soon as I heard of the possible demise of the EM250 I designed it out.  I'm currently using the EM357 in a Digi module.

The product I am working on monitors electrical leakage in a device that is mounted at the top of a 300' crane.  I'm using the AT command set, but am leaving the radios in transparent mode most of the time.


I'm mainly a hartware guy and have written our firmware in Basic. If you've done a lot of work with Zigbee radios and are good at C, we might need to talk.





(Birmingham, Alabama)