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EFR32MG to digi XBee communication

I am looking to replace a 'digi xbee S2C mounted on a PIC microcontroller' on one of our products with 'EFR32 mighty gecko'.
Earlier, I would pair 2 digi xbee modules as per the below link and would start communicating.
Now I have 'EFR32 mighty gecko' with me, but I am not sure where to start for pairing 'digi xbee' with 'EFR32 mighty gecko'
My aim is to pair them and communicate just one test message to look at the feasibility of this replacement.
I will be using 'similicity lab network analyzer' for 'EFR32 mighty gecko' and 'digi XCTU' for 'xbee S2C' to see the network traffic.
Can you please send me detailed instructions to set this up or point me to a place where I can get all these information.
Note: I am new to this zigbee world, any detailed instructions are greatly appreciated.
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Re: EFR32MG to digi XBee communication

Try to refer to to setup your EFR32MG

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