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EFR32MG layout

Dear Sirs,

I would like to design a PCB module using  your  EFR32MG devices working at 2.4GHz (thread protocol) . I read all your application note and I have some doubts. Please could you read the attached pdf file?


The questions are:


1) Could yuo provide the PCB stackup layer with tickness (I'm reffering to the PCB of the  application note. It is a 4 layer PCB , but you don't report the total tickness) ?

2)   You refer to a distance, between the top layer and the first inner layer, of 0.325mm. I can't find any PCB supplier that produce PCB with  such specs (I looked for PCB with tickness 0f 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.2mm)

3) Is there a place where I can download the design files of you EF32MG board , like for example the SLWRB4164A?




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Re: EFR32MG layout

Hi Rosario,


Design files should be available under Simplicity Studio.

Please also find radio board PCB specifications attached.


Best regards,