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Design documentation for BRD4304A (MGM12P) module?

In UG290 (BRD4304A User Guide), on page 29 (section 11, "Schematics, Assembly Drawings and BOM"), it states: "Schematics, assembly drawings and bill of materials (BOM) are available through Simplicity Studio when the kit documentation package has been installed."

Could someone please explain where and how to access these materials through Simplicity Studio, or by other means?  Specifically, I'm looking for the schematic for BRD4304A.  I have the ZigBee SDK (EmberZNet and Gecko Platform (1.1.1) installed, but I can find no relevant files within the SimplicityStudio\v4 directory with "4304" in the name.  I was able to download "" for the MGM111A board off the web, which includes the schematics for BRD4300B, but there is no such package listed on the MGM12P or BRD4304A pages.  I even went through the Install Wizard, with my 4001 dev board with BRD4304A installed, and it offered me outdated versions of certain SDKs to download, but nothing resembling a documentation package.


Anyone know how I can get the schematic for BRD4304A?  Thanks.

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Re: Design documentation for BRD4304A (MGM12P) module?

Please find it attached.

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Re: Design documentation for BRD4304A (MGM12P) module?

Is it possible to get the remainder of the BRD4304A design resources posted online as they are for the BRD4300?