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Custom Cluster Attribute Types, Token Generation, Arrays

As per UG102 section 9.1.4 if attributes are marked persistent 'F' then app builder will generate necessary code into <appname>_tokens.h.


If you define tokens by hand using the DEFINE_INDEXED_TOKEN() macro you can store an array.  e.g. DEFINE_INDEXED_TOKEN(SOME_TOKEN, int8u, 32, {0})


How can you define a custom attribute which will generate the necessary code to store an array?


<attribute side="client" code="0x0001" define="SERIAL_NUMBER"
  type="INT8U" array="true" writable="true"
  optional="false">Serial Number</attribute>

I've tried xml attributes like array, length to try and have it generate code for an array etc.. but haven't had any success.


Is this appropriate use of attributes -> token generation or am I misusing something, or attributes not capable of storing an array of bytes.  I had also considered abusing CHAR_STRING but that seems a little wrong..


Advice appreciated.

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Re: Custom Cluster Attribute Types, Token Generation, Arrays

I believe your answer sits in this topic:

"Ember AppBuilder / ZNet5.4 create custom attribute"

Also, here is some more information on creating tokens:

"How to setup Custom MFG Tokens"