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Clarification about touchlink method in Zigbee 3.0



It's not clear for me if we can technically build a coordinator-less network and use the touchlink method avalaible in the last zibee 3.0 stack.


The goal is to be able to form a network with multiple remotes and actuators whitout the need of a coordinator (Philips or some other light manufacturers do it with HUE and the ZLL profile from the previous Zigbee stack)


I don't find any exemples or documentation about it in the last Zigbee stack.


Thanks four your answers.

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Re: Clarification about touchlink method in Zigbee 3.0

ZLL Touchlinking is still available, you will just need to make sure you include it as a cluster in your device.  If you take a look at the Z3Light and Z3Switch demo applications included with our latest stacks, you will see they will perform touchlinking.  In fact, you can form a network with almost all forms of zigbee security with these two applications and if you add the Z3Gateway (a host/NCP application), you will be able to do them all.


Read the description box on the General tab, it will explain how to use all of the applications:

2. The light, acting as a router, can form a distributed network, and the switch, acting as an end device, can join the distributed network.

3. The light, acting as a touchlink target, can touchlink with the switch, acting as a touchlink initiator.