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Announcing the launch of ZigBee Online Training Resources

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Silicon Labs is pleased to announce the availability of an online training curriculum for ZigBee mesh networking, the Silicon Labs EmberZNet stack, and the EM35xx ZigBee hardware platform. This training curriculum, includes several lecture series, each comprising multiple videos featuring conceptual overviews and explanation, demonstrations, tutorials, and links to additional Silicon Labs references containing more information about the topics discussed in the videos. To get started with this online training, begin here:  We've also launched a new "landing page" for ZigBee products on our main website, found here:


Developers who are new to ZigBee or the EM35x Development Kit platform can learn about the basics of ZigBee and the hardware and software tools. Those looking for a more in-depth lesson in ZigBee concepts can go through our Networking Concepts series to learn about ZigBee constructs such as clusters, endpoints, and application profiles. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to begin playing with the tools without having to write any code, check out our 4-part series on building, loading and running a 3-node ZigBee Home Automation demo. For a deeper hands-on experience, try our 12-part Home Automation Light & Switch Developer Tutorial, which walks you through creating an On/Off Switch application that can toggle a Light node’s LED with the press of a button at the switch. There’s even an RF & Product Testing series for hardware/RF designers looking to do functional testing and then move into volume production testing.


More videos and lecture series are being added and updated over the next couple of months, and additional training material around other Silicon Labs wireless networking stacks is in the works for when those stacks become available.  For a full list of lectures available at the time of this announcement, see the links at the bottom of this message.


We hope you enjoy learning more about ZigBee development. If you have questions about these videos or need some help as you undertake your development, don’t forget to post your questions & comments to the Silicon Labs Community.


Good luck with your development!


Matt Dibb (a.k.a. “zigmaster”)

Wireless Mesh Networking Support Manager

Silicon Labs


Available lectures as of 15 April, 2015:

ZigBee: Getting started


ZigBee: networking concepts


ZigBee: application development basics


ZigBee: advanced application development


ZigBee: Home Automation demo


ZigBee: RF & Production testing


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