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Add Sleepy device to Thread network

Hi Everyone,

I am using Mighty gecko with EFR32MG to build a thread project.

Now, I am trying to follow the Thread client/server example to build a mesh network with sleepy end device.

However I encounter two problems:

1. The sleepy end device cannot connect to the server all the time.

From the serial port debug log, It keeps showing 

ERR: Rejoining failed
Rejoining network "client/server"

It seems like the network status is keeping in EMBER_JOINED_NETWORK_NO_PARENT.
If I change the node type from EMBER_SLEEPY_END_DEVICE to EMBER_END_DEVICE, the example can work correctly. Do I need to configure other setting or code change to make sleepy end device to join the network?

2. The other question is it seems like the device will not go into sleep mode all the time. From energy profiler, the current is keeping 10mA. How can I turn the device in to sleep mode? I have pressed the sleep button but not work.


The Thread stack version is 2.1.0.


I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions.


Thank you very much.