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Simplicity Studio v4 Training

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Recently, Silicon Labs released a major update of its award-winning Simplicity Studio™ software development tools. Simplicity Studio v4 simplifies the IoT development process with one-click access to everything developers need to complete their projects using an integrated development environment (IDE) based on Eclipse 4.5.

Each of the videos below is one in a series of training videos released by Silicon Labs to help become acquainted with the new user interface.


Training 1: Installation





Training 2: Log-in

This lecture covers the benefits of logging in to Simplicity Studio v4.





Training 3: Navigation

Learn how to navigate the new user interface of Simplicity Studio with this lecture.





Training 4: Device Detection

This lecture covers detecting devices and setting the content in Simplicity Studio.





Training 5: Adapters





Training 6: Solutions and Context

This is a new addition to Simplicity Studio - the concept being that the Solutions tab serves as inspiration if you don't have a kit or board to connect. 




Training 7: Search

This lecture covers the global search feature which enables you to quickly find what you need to progress with your design. 




Training 8: Package Manager

This final lecture covers the Package Manager, or, as it be called, Simplicity Studio's "app store".




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