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Improving Energy Consumption for Low Power Design - Mastering Simplicity Studio

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Mastering Simplicity Studio 1. Understanding hardware and software correlation



Energy Profiler is a tool that we see hardware and software teams use to visualize system level energy consumption. The Profiler makes it easier to realize that there is an interdependence between both disciplines when it comes to maximizing battery life of a device.


Mastering Simplicity Studio 2. Finding the Faulty Function



If both hardware and software are responsible for the overall energy consumption in an application, how exactly would the software engineer know which part of the code he or she should focus when it comes to optimizing for energy consumption? Energy Profiler has a function view at the bottom of the screen that can help with this.


Mastering Simplicity Studio 3. Using Range View to Find Energy Bugs



A typical battery operated device will sleep a vast majority of time, wake-up, do some work, and then go back to sleep. In the awake states, the energy graph may be quite volatile. It can be very useful to understand the energy profile of this specific range.


Mastering Simplicity Studio 4. Avoid Energy Violations with Thresholds



There are times when you desperately want to keep energy consumption below 1 uA in a sleep mode, just as an example, and tally how often your application rises above that mark. To do this, use the threshold feature in Energy Profiler.


Mastering Simplicity Studio 5. Iterating Energy Efficiency with Energy Score



When I change a line of code in my embedded application, it is not always easy for me to predict how that change will actually affect the system’s overall energy consumption. Since energy is the product of power over time, a little change, in for instance a sensor reading routine, might affect the system in a bigger way than I initially thought.


Mastering Simplicity Studio 6. Navigating the Built-in Oscilloscope Feature



Sometimes, engineers, especially hardware engineers prefer to use an oscilloscope to analyze the energy behavior of their application. With the new Energy Profiler, we deliberately designed the energy graph to look and behave like an oscilloscope.



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