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EFR32 Flex Gecko Application Development Basics

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Wireless Gecko - Getting started with RAIL for EFR32FG



The RAIL stack is a low level and fully configurable radio application interface layer.
This quick start guide video provides instructions to get started with RAIL on EFR32 using one of the example applications included in the RAIL SDK. 



Wireless Gecko - Introduction to EFR32 hardware development tools



Introduction to the new EFR32 hardware development tools. Gives an overview of the HW Platform based on the WSTK platform (Wireless Starter Kit) and the variety of available different Radio boards.



Wireless Gecko - Layout Design Practices – 2.4 GHz specific



The video shows a few RF layout design practices which should be applied during the construction of an ISM band unit. The design tricks mentioned in this video and in our layout design guides, application notes should be carefully followed in order to achieve the best RF performance.



Wireless Gecko - Introduction to EFR32 software development tools




Wireless Gecko - Software development tutorial for EFR32



Tutorial to take a closer look at the first few steps that is needed to take when developing SW for the EFR32.



Wireless Gecko - Getting started with RAIL (Radio Abstraction Interface Layer)



This introductory video describes the concept, benefits, structure and features of the Radio Abstraction and Interface Layer (RAIL)



Wireless Gecko - Setting up the Range Test application for EFR32FG



Learn how to run the Range Test application on the Flex Gecko family.