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EFM8 Bee MCUs Overview

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This lecture consists of a video series on the different 8-bit low-power MCUs of the Bee family - Sleepy Bee, Laser Bee, Busy Bee, and Universal Bee. 


EFM8 Sleepy Bee

These MCUs combine innovative low energy techniques and short wake up times to offer ultra low power consumption. They have a rich analog and digital peripheral set, including capacitive sensing module, which makes them capable of performing many roles in a system while using minimal power. 






EFM8 Laser Bee

One of the highest performing 8-bit MCUs on the market, the Laser Bee rivals 32-bit MCU performance and delivers high performance even in the most demanding designs, all while being bundled in a small 3x3 mm package.






EFM8 Busy Bee

These 8-bit MCUs are ideal for a wide range of applications given that they are the general purpose devices within the EFM8 family. The Busy Bee series can be used for anything from sensor controllers to motorized toys, and is the MCU with the best market value today.





EFM8 Universal Bee 

These feature rich MCUs are targeted at USB applications, offer full-speed USB peripheral and a low energy USB module, but can also juggle several tasks along with USB functions