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cp2012 interface wih USB of AM335x in linux

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I am using cp2102 and connected the converter to one of my USB am335x processor. I have included drivers under the kernel.

While booting it has created the /dev/ttyUSB0 interface. I am getting only receiving using this interface. one way is working. 

When i try to write something over /dev/ttyUSB0 it is not reaching to the other peripheral. Is it required any flow control. handshaking is not proper.

could you help on my problem. Any driver changes required.


Please find attached log for your reference.



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Re: cp2012 interface wih USB of AM335x in linux

Hi lofnakumari,


Flow control should be specified by your terminal, or whichever program you are using to access /dev/ttyUSB0.  Are you able to test the cp2102 on another host?