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Windows 10 problems


I'm really hoping that someone can help in the face of a complelty blank response from Microsoft.

I'm trying to install the CP210x_VCP drivers on a Windows 10 64 bit OS. Device Manager says its working but it isn't because in the events log I get a "Device not Migrated" error.

I've tried everything in the knowledge base but no success. The frustrating thing is it used to work 6 months ago but its now giving me problems. 

Before I finally throw in the towel and go back to Win7 has anyone experienced similar issue

Thanks for any help


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Re: Windows 10 problems



Do you have a chance to uninstall the driver and then install it again.

Try the guidance on how to manually uninstall the driver in below post and KB to see if this steps helps:


It looks there is some explanation in Microsoft forum on this error.


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Re: Windows 10 problems



Thanks for getting back


I managed to resolve the issue by entering into Windows 10 non-assigned drive mode. The driver was then accepted by Windows and work fine now.


Thank you