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Where do I report a documentation error for the CP2110%3F

The documentation of the HID reports for the CP2110/4 is incorrect.  In the document known as AN434.pdf, on page 13 it lists the parameters for the Get/Set UART config values, specifying the following values for the Data Bits: 


0x05 = 5 data bits

0x06 = 6 data bits

0x07 = 7 data bits

0x08 = 8 data bits


This is incorrect, and I won't admit in public how much time I wasted today beating my head against the desk trying to figure out why I could never set my other UART parameters (principally, the baud rate) because all my attempts were using 0x08 to specify 8 data bits. THIS IS WRONG.


These are the correct values: 

0x00 = 5 data bits

0x01 = 6 data bits

0x02 = 7 data bits

0x03 = 8 data bits


Maybe this is obvious to folks familiar with UART config, but I'm a newb, and was trusting the documentation to be the gospel truth.  It's not.  Please fix it.


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Re: Where do I report a documentation error for the CP2110%3F

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Hi @quangdog,


I confirm that the data bit values for Get/Set UART Config in the AN434 v0.4 are incorrect, and the values that you have are correct.


Furthermore, I have logged this bug for correction in the next revision of AN434.


For future reference, bugs can be reported by creating a technical support case, where we can confirm the bug. You are also welcome to report bugs here in the forum.