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USBXpress DLL version [C#]


I've got a C# DLL we use to interface to various USBXpress devices (it abstracts a common interface for USBXpress and Serial Ports), and we're upgrading our drivers to v4.0.0.

However, we need this work with whichever drivers are loaded on the customers machines (either the v3.x.x or the v4.x.x).

This will be a 32-bit process it is loading into, but I'm presuming it means keeping two copies of siusbxp.dll and LoadLibrary-ing the correct one.

How do other people cope with this, and how do you detect which one to load?

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Re: USBXpress DLL version [C#]

Hi MikeGH,

I'm coping with a similar issue at the moment, as you may read here .

I found this example at stackoverflow very helpful, even if it didn't work for me, since I need to use the SI_GetNumDevices-method (and therefor load the DLL at program start) even if no device is attached.
But maybe it will help in your case :-)

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Re: USBXpress DLL version [C#]

Could you give me a file. Now I am struggling with it. I am trying to connect to C8051F340 by USB.