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Imac Hangs

Hello all

I'm new here and not sure if this is in the right place.  I have been having some very weird and intermittent hangs on my 27" Imac (late 2014 model).  Let me attempt to clarify what I mean:


On my mac which is why I need the Silabs Uart USB driver for is a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station which connects to Weather Display software on my mac.  It posts data to the internet every 10 seconds. The time I have noticed the "hang" is my weather station isn't updating.  Since this could be a number of reasons, I remote in to resolve.  When my hang happens I can't connect - shows offline.  In every instance of this, when I get home and tap on the mouse NOTHING happens.  The only way to wake up the mac is to tap the power button.  The mac wakes up.  Whats interesting to note that nothing is working on the mac during this time.  The hourly time machine backups don't come on - nothing.   This was happening on ElCapitan too.  The logfiles there were easier to read on ElCap. I saw lots of power related messages AND some silab related messages.  I have a screen shot of these messages but not with me here (can post later).


I'm not saying this is a silab driver issue. I'm merely trying to figure out what is happening.  The issue is intermittent but  happens with some frequency (1-2x per month lately).


Imac 27"

OS: Sierra (same issue happened on ElCap)

Silabs driver: 4.x.17  (Yes I see there is a 5x now so wondering if updating would help or make things worse)


I'm not sure what else to include.






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Re: Imac Hangs

Hi Paul,


We can't support commercial devices because we don't know what customizations or hardware configuration the manufacturer has done.  In general though, if they are using the default driver, it is best to upgrade to the latest.  We recently released version 5.0 and it has fixed several known issues.


For more information, please see the following knowledge base article: