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How to install CP210xVCP driver on PocketPC GETAC PS236

Hi gents,


I'm experiencing the trouble in the subject.


In fact, I need to drive a scanner receiver AR DV1 from a Pocket PC GETAC PS236.

When I connect the receiver to the USB of the GETAC, the Pocket PC is detecing the device DV1 (which is including a SiLabs CP201x chips.

The Pocekt PC is asking me for the name of  the driver.....

And this is the problem as previously I had installed the dreviers downloaded from Silabs site.


So, how can I instruct the Pocket PC to select the driver?


Any comment is wellcome.


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Re: How to install CP210xVCP driver on PocketPC GETAC PS236

Based on this link the pocket PC is running Windows mobile 6.1 (which is based on wince 5.2).

I am not sure which VCP driver you are trying to download and install from Silbas website?


Another point is that you need check if "scanner receiver AR DV1" was customized and need a the default driver could not work with this device. maybe below KBs helps to trouble shoot this issue: