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Forum for MOSFET drivers?

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I can't find a forum for FET drivers, so assume there aint none...?

I am using the Si8244 in some prototypes and am very impressed. However I'd like to do some simulations. Are there any models for LTSpice around? Thx. Hans.

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Re: Forum for MOSFET drivers?

Hi Hans,

The isolator product team is developing their community forum area at the moment. For now the best path to get your question answered is to enter a support request here:

Thanks and best regards,

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Re: Forum for MOSFET drivers?

I realise that this is an old thread but since there seem to be no spice models available from Silicon Labs, other visitors to this thread may be interested to know that there are an independently developed set of spice models for the Si8241BB, Si8241CB, Si8244BB and Si8244CB devices available in the EasyEDA online EDA toolsuite


The Si8241BBEE, Si8241CBEE, Si8244BBEE and Si8244CBEE models are developed to run on ngspice but are suitably generic spice 3f5 so they should run in LTspice with no need for any editing.


A couple of simple demonstration simulations can be found here:


The models may be copied from the post-simulation spice netlist by doing:


   Green Man > Simulation results... > Download netlist




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Re: Forum for MOSFET drivers?

The links to the EasyEDA spice model have changed.


The demonstration simulations can now be found here:


The subckt models may be downloaded from the Si824x_library.txt file attached to the EasyEDA Project page and a copy is also attached to this post.


The site now requires registration for a free account before a simulation can be run.