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Cant find SLABCP2112.cs



I've just been asked to knock up an application using the CP2112 EK board, and have downloaded the Windows package for it.


We predominantly code in, and in AN496 in mentions a SLABCP2112.cs which I presume is the import declarations for the DLLs, but this file is not present in the latest Windows Package.


I could manually create my own from the C++ header files, but with so many imports and all the types, I'd appreciate it if someone had a copy of the .cs file so I can save some time.





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Re: Cant find SLABCP2112.cs

Someone had a previous version of the windows package that had this file, and sure enough has all the imports defined! Which all seem to be working.

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Re: Cant find SLABCP2112.cs

Please download the CP2112 software package for Windows from link below:


Then install it, and you should see the SLABCP2112.cs under your installation directory, in CP2112\Library folder.

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Re: Cant find SLABCP2112.cs

I'm looking for the same thing (the C# import libraries for the CP2112 SDK).  I followed the link, installed the SDK, and I can't find any *.cs file anywhere in the installation folder.  


The installer reports that it is file version, and the installer name is CP2112_Windows.exe.


What am I missing?




Brain LeLacheru



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Re: Cant find SLABCP2112.cs

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Sorry. Looks like the latest CP2112 SDK (version 6.7.2) for windows does not include SLABCP2112.cs and SLABCP2112.vb.


I enclosed the Library from an old CP2112 SDK v1.0 here for your reference, please change the attachment as a zip file type and then extract it.

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Re: Cant find SLABCP2112.cs


We want to use Windows 10 IoT Core for all our future products.

Language of choice is C#.

We decided to use SILAB CP2112 because of price and C# support.

Please let me know when you will reintroduce support for C# managed code?

Note: in latest version v6.7.4 SLABCP2112.cs is still missing

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Re: Cant find SLABCP2112.cs

I suggest you create a ticket in our salesforce to check if this is still available.


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