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CP2130 demo application compatibility issue on Win7

Hello everyone,

I've bought a CP2130 EK to develop a custom PCB to interface with USB bus on my PC to transfer data to and from several SPI chips. However, the demo application, which talks to the EK on-board ADC and Temp Sensor, is completely broken : whenever I try to connect to my board (that is successfully recognized by the PC with the right driver installed), the application freezes : I can't plot the ADC graph, and neither of both gauge move to show the potentiometer and temperature value.
The jumpers positions are the same as suggested in the CP2130 user guide.




I've got the GPIO0 LED lit (D1) when the board is connected to the demo application, but thats it. I can't even close the application : I must go through CTRL+ALT+DEL to kill the process.




This issue happens on a Win7 64bit PC, and was replicable on a WinXP SP2 and SP3 32bit PCs. The datasheet says that the CP2130 is compatible with these versions of Windows, but I'm rather unsure if I should go forward with development on such a buggy demo.


Has anyone experienced these issues before? Is the application broken or something?


Thanks for any comments / advice. 

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Re: CP2130 demo application compatibility issue on Win7

As a follow-up to this case, I've successfully developed a LabView program that interfaces with a CP2130 using the same drivers as provided with the demo application, on the same computer. 


This means that the demo application is completely broken for a somewhat unknown reason. Do not rely on this demo app to go forward with development or understanding of the CP2130 interface, I'd suggest going with the evaluation tool and try to write / read to the eeprom as is explained in this other post from the knowledge base :

Good day all

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Re: CP2130 demo application compatibility issue on Win7

Hi @lecejeff,


I was able to run the CP2130 Demo program on a Win 7 64 bit OS, and only experienced problems with plotting the ADC graph (when I tried this the application stopped working) - all the other functions seemed to work for me.  That being said, I have heard reports of other issues with this software, and I would say that this application is somewhat older and is not as well maintained as some of our other software offerings.  Also, I am  glad to see that you are having success with the CP2130 Evaluation tool, which was going to be my suggestion.


Finally, I would like to stress that the CP2130 is in fact compatible with all of the operating systems you mentioned, including Windows 7 and 10, and an errors encountered while running the CP2130 Demo should not be confused with or understood to represent any incompatibility of the CP2130 device with these operating systems.


Thank you, and let me know if you have any questions.