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CP2103 - CP21xxCustomizationUtility.exe

Hello everyone,

I need your help to help me solve my problem.

My hardware/software/documentation:
- CP2103EK
- AN223SW
- AN721SW - Last Version 10/13

I want to use GPIO_2 to manage flow control Rx/Tx.

when I use this program: 'AN223SW - CP210x Port Configuration' -> I have no problem

The problem is when I read the same interface with the software: 'CP21xx Customization Utility'
I do not have the same configuration.

So my question is: do you have the same problems? Is what I'm wrong?
If I confugure interface with the software: 'CP21xx Customization Utility' it does not work as I want.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards, Julien
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Re: CP2103 - CP21xxCustomizationUtility.exe

I think this is a known issue, and SiLabs are supposed to have a fix coming. (see other posts).

Getting the fix seems to be very slow, and I'm amazed the product shipped this broken, in the first place.
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Re: CP2103 - CP21xxCustomizationUtility.exe

Thanks for the notification. I am checking on the progress of this.

Best regards,

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Re: CP2103 - CP21xxCustomizationUtility.exe

This is slated for the December release.


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Re: CP2103 - CP21xxCustomizationUtility.exe

Hi all,

I wanted to provide a quick update on this.

We released a new version of the AN721 configuration software with the CP2130 launch, but this may not address all issues. If you have an issue with AN721, please try this new version; let us know if you are still having a problem (or find any new issues) and how to reproduce it. Any problem already reported to us we'll attempt to reproduce and fix.

The release date for the new version that addresses all known issues has moved to the January/February timeframe.

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Re: CP2103 - CP21xxCustomizationUtility.exe

AN721 has been updated to version 1.2.0 and this issue has been addressed in that release.