CP2114-B02 Audio 24-bit Mode

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Can CP2114 B02 be configured as 24-bit playback and recording devices? 


No. CP2114-B02 supports 16-bit Play and Record, but for 24-bit mode, it just supports Play only OR Record only, that is, it can be configured as a 24-bit playback device without record functionality, or a 24-bit recording device without playback functionality.


There are several bits in the Audio Configuration Block for these configuration

 Byte Bit Field Description
 10  6  RecordEnable  Record (i.e. analog input) functionality is enabled.
0: No
1: Yes
 41  4  RecordIs24Bit  Record Data Size Select.
0: Record is 16-bit
1: Record is 24-bit
 41  3  PlaybackIs24Bit  Playback Data Size Select.
0: Playback is 16-bit
1: Playback is 24-bit
 43  3  PbEnable  Playback (i.e. analog output) functionality is enabled
0: No
1: Yes


If both playback and record are enabled and configured for 24-bit, the CP2114 Customizer generates and programs the configuration file without reporting an error, but the CP2114 will operate as 24-bit playback only.