CP2114-B02 24-bit record/playback vs. 16-bit record/playback

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Can the CP2114-B02 be operated simultaneously in 24-bit playback mode with 16-bit record, or 24-bit record with 16-bit playback?


No, when using 24 bit mode with the CP2114-B02, data transfer is uni-directional.  Thus you can operate the device in 24-bit record ONLY or 24-bit playback ONLY, but data of any size can not be transferred in the opposite direction.  The device can, however, operate in simultaneous 16-bit record/16-bit playback mode.


For more information on the operating modes of the CP2114-B02, the differences between the CP2114-B01 and the CP2114-B02, and information on configuring and customizing the device, please see the CP2114 datasheet: