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Accepted Solution

Unread topics



There is something fishy about the unread topics. For example when I look at the Discussions subforum it says I have 1 unread message. But the list below shows several unread items ?!


SiLabs Unread topics.png

And when I enter the General Discussions and Suggestions subforum I see no unread messages !


This happens quite often. What gives?

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Re: Unread topics

Hi, @vanmierlo


It looks like you were able to see internal forum posts under the Discussion category. Those are the posts only accessible with direct URL links. I moved them to a different category from the Discussions. 


Can you please visit the page again? Let me know if it still happens to you. 


Best regards, 

Nari | Community Manager | Silicon Labs
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Re: Unread topics

Hello Nari,


All is well now.




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Re: Unread topics

Oh oh, there it is again. I have 1 unread message in this forum, but nowhere can I find it.