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Requesting Lifecycle status to ST Aerospace_June_2017_Silicon Laboratories

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I am SAMUEL From Enventure Engineering LLP.
We are contracted by ST Aerospace, to assist them in obtaining the subject data for the parts supplied by you. Please find the attached LOA from your Customer authorizing the same.
The attached spreadsheet lists the parts supplied by you, for which the Customer is seeking the subject information. The cells which are blank are the ones which we are unable to get the information from your website.
Kindly provide the below for the attached part list :
  • Lifecycle Status : (Active/Obsolete/EOL/NRND)
  • Last Time Buy (LTB) date ( If the input part is EOL )
I would appreciate if you could provide us the information and send to us within Two business days. Just in case you are not able to comply to this request, please let us know by what date you will be able to.
Feel free to contact me for any clarifications/ information.
Thank you in advance.
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Re: Requesting Lifecycle status to ST Aerospace_June_2017_Silicon Laboratories


Your support ticket has been assigned to Marketing.

They will provide you this requested information via Sales Force and an email.


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