Certified VCP Driver with Ignore Serial Numbers

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How can I obtain a certified version of the Silicon Labs VCP driver with the Ignore Serial Numbers enabled?


UPDATE: While the older Silicon Labs driver installer supported a setting to turn off serial enumeration, the new DPInst-based installer does not. However, the system registry may be manually updated to cause Windows to ignore serial numbers for any PID/VID/Interface desired. Please refer to the following Knowledge Base article for more information on the registry update procedure.





The information for the older driver is below for reference by anyone still using the older driver:



A certified version of the Silicon Labs VCP driver with the Ignore Serial Numbers can be created using the certified Silicon Labs VCP driver and Application Note AN335SW.


1. Obtain the certified Silicon Labs VCP driver: http://www.silabs.com/products/development-tools/software/usb-to-uart-bridge-vcp-drivers


2. Copy the following directories and files to a new folder:

-- x64/

-- x86/

-- *.cat

-- *.inf


3. Create an installer using the legacy Silicon Labs USB Driver Installer/Uninstaller in AN335 and AN335SW.


4. Per AN335 section 4.4, add the following two lines to the installer's setup.ini file to ignore serial numbers:


[Manufacturing Ignore Serial Numbers]

Ignore Serial Numbers