Wizard Gecko Wi-Fi® Module Wireless Starter Kit

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The Wizard Gecko Wi-Fi® Module Wireless Starter Kit is the easiest and fastest way to start evaluation and development of Wi-Fi IoT applications. It comes with the Wi-Fi module radio board with SD Card holder and USB, a main board with 2 x AA battery holder and USB connection, display and connections to all the modules peripheral interfaces as well an extension board with additional peripherals like an accelerometer.

Also included is Silicon Labs’ software SDK, with example applications, documentation and other resources to begin development.



  • Contains WGM110 Wizard Gecko Wi-Fi module radio board
  • Sensor: temperature, humidity, accelerometer
  • UI: Display, buttons, LEDs, joystick
  • BGScript™ development tools and example code
  • BGLIB™ source code and example applications
  • PC connectivity: USB

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Get the Wizard Gecko Wi-Fi® Module Wireless Starter Kit here!

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 I want to buy this Wizard Gecko Wi-Fi Module but not that main board,

Is it be available to buy only wifi module?and what is the worth price of only '' Wizard Gecko Wi-Fi Module"?

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I am trying to find out more about the wizard gecko but some of the download links are broken on the webpage. I have the data sheet but can't get the reference manual. From the datasheet it seems like it will only run bgscript and we can't run c code. Is this correct?

Also I would like access to the tx,and rx pins from the radio. Is there anyway to get access to these via a gpio pin or a prs channel or access to the code that toggles tx/rx radio pins? 

Since it looks like a scripting only platform, I'm going to go ahead and assume none of this is possible? I think it will have limited sutiabliity for us.