EFR32™ Mighty Gecko Wireless SoC Starter Kit

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With its multiple radio boards, the Mighty Gecko Wireless SoC Starter Kit allows developers to create a mesh network and evaluate Mighty Gecko SoCs. It includes sample code and an integrated debug adapter. Developers can also benefit from features like graphical wireless application development, mesh networking debug and packet trace, and visual energy profiling and optimization.



  • Contains 3 x Wireless starter kit mainboard
  • Includes Zigbee and Thread software stacks
  • Software features include Energy Profiler, Network Analyzer and AppBuilder
  • Packet Trace support on both Ethernet and USB connections
  • AA Battery Board (supports running +19.5 from battery) in addition to coin cell support


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Get the EFR32™ Mighty Gecko Wireless SoC Starter Kit here!

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Hello there!

I am doing a a lab with EFR32 Mighty Gecko Wireless Starter Kit (2.4GHz , 13dBm) and applying Thread Networking. Due to the signal of RSSI, I would like to calculate the distance of the two devices?( Running a server node to measure RSSI from client node). I really need to find out the formula in general. (I also do calculate distance from some source but the result is incorrect. It seems this formula depends on kind of device ). 

Does anyone have experience of this issue? Please, give some comment or suggestion.