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WGM110 + BRD4320A + DFU?

I wanted to see if I can update the FW over USB without using the WSTK.


So I flashed in a FW with USB enabled, installed the driver, and unplugged BRD4320A from WSTK.  I plugged the board into the USB port and it showed up as a COM port.  Then I tried running wifi_dfu but it repeats "Reboot timeout, retrying" eventually ended with a "Module boot error".


What am I doing wrong?

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Re: WGM110 + BRD4320A + DFU?



Did you configure USB as BGAPI? Can you control the module using BGTool through the USB interface on the radio board? Have you tried calling wifi_dfu without flowcontrol in the parameters?




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Re: WGM110 + BRD4320A + DFU?

It's configured with descriptor=cdc.xml and api=true.


When wifi_dfu is run, I see the device disappear from windows device manager then come backup, I guess it's rebooting.  But wifi_dfu could never reconnect, even after I run it again.  Have to unplug then replug for wifi_dfu to see it again.  nortscts and usb parameters give the same result.